South Boston en Accion

  • MA


10 Logan Way, basement
South Boston
United States

About Us

South Boston en Acción is a neighborhood based, member driven organization that builds community and leadership among Latino families by sharing common problems and creating solutions for change.

SBEA builds community among the rapidly increasing Latino population of South Boston and promotes community leadership by these residents. We support new leaders by equipping them with information and skills and offer experiences that lead to new feelings of self-esteem and self-efficacy, an eagerness to speak out and a willingness to take action.

By taking on the challenges that come with living in public housing, navigating an English speaking world, and wrestling with city systems, we seek to understand these systems and make change in ways that improve the lives of not only ourselves, but our community as well.

To create change together, we organize monthly meetings to bring residents together that integrate informational presentations, member discussion and social activity and plan events. We provide leadership training through weekly meetings that target individuals with leadership experience. These meetings are used to share concerns, explore collective experience, analyze problem causes, and developing action plans for change. Members develop and carry out projects to address specific community concerns.

SBEA supports these member-led activities, such as the ESOL and Computer classes and the Walk for Health club, by offering coaching, access to office space, equipment, supplies, and funding for costs.