Student Association for the Advancement of Women

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About Us

SAAW is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Brooklyn Tech High School students. We wanted to make a nonprofit organization that would mobilize students in NYC to advance women's rights and leadership abilities by volunteering, fundraising, and educating.

What do we do?

Volunteer - We have group volunteering sessions at various community organizations that are dedicated to social issues, serving the community, and advancing women’s rights and leadership.

Educate - We host guest speakers at our schools and in our communities in order to raise awareness.

Fundraise - We also fundraise for several organizations.

How can Students join and promote SAAW?

We currently have chapters in two schools - Brooklyn Technical High School and the HIgh School for Health Professions and Human Services. Our chapter in Brooklyn Tech is affiliated with the Women's Leadership Club.

As a student, you can make a chapter of SAAW in your school and community and join our association of students who want to make the world better for women!