Paradigm Shift: New York City's Feminist Community

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Paradigm Shift: New York City’s Feminist Community

Use the “F” word. Discuss. Evolve. Grow with Us. Change NYC. Change the World.

TimeOut NY Rated Paradigm Shift “Critics Pick” & “Best By Day”

Paradigm Shift is NYC’s thriving feminist community with the purpose of self expression, creating a shift in social, political, and economic consciousness. Paradigm Shift hosts monthly open mics and performances featuring local and internationally renown talent such as singer/songwriter Nedra Johnson & poet Staceyann Chin, as well as events, workshops, and discussion groups which adhere to pertinent, timely, personal and powerful feminist themes. Paradigm Shift hosts the annual NYC Half-way to MichFest Soiree which attracts attendance from across the nation in honor and anticipation of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. Paradigm Shift was founded in March 2007 by Meredith Villano, Activist, documentary Filmmaker & Interactive Media Executive & Lisa A. Snyder, Artist, Web Designer & Founder of Elle*Eye Design.

Featured guests and topics include: - Feminism & Motherhood with Amy Richards, Activist & Author - Roe vs. Wade Anniversary documentary screening of “I Had An Abortion” with Jennifer Baumgardner, Activist, Author, Filmmaker & Gillian Aldrich, Filmmaker - Women & Religious Equality with Leora Tanenbaum, Author - Suzanne Willett star and producer of award-winning off-Broadway one woman play “Feminazi” - The Real Sex In the City: Sexuality Workshop by Ducky Doolittle, Author & Sexual Health Advocate - Ecofeminism with Marti Kheel Phd., Author & Scholar - “Are You Financially Secure?” Women & Finances Workshop by Tanya Osborne, Independent Financial Services Professional at Primerica Financial Services - From Violence to Empowerment featuring NYC’s Radical Cheerleaders - Feminist Entrepreneurship - Body Image/Self Love