The National Alliance for Hispanic Health

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About Us

Our Mission: Best health outcomes. We work to insure that health incorporates the best of science, culture, and community. We achieve this by listening to the individual, investing in leading community based organizations, working with national partners, examining and improving the resources and systems available, and designing solutions to make health a part of each person’s life. We continually work to improve the quality of care and its availability to all. 

Our Goal: To close the gaps in three key areas:

  • research, services, and policy;
  • scientific discovery and benefit for the individual; and,
  • community services and medical practice. 

Our Work: We believe that quality health means shared decision-making that focuses on the needs of the individual throughout their lives. This means that health includes the long-term services and care needs of individuals. Moreover, our efforts reflect that mental health and physical health are central to well-being. We particularly focus on:

  1. Decision-making that takes into account science, culture, and community.
  2. Health care providers being able to tailor care to the individual.
  3. Individuals having the tools and resources to manage their health.
  4. National efforts that are connected to global and international efforts.
  5. Capacities and competencies to respond to health emergencies.
  6. Services that integrate physical and mental health.

We collaborate with our members, a broad range of partners, and many others to do our work.