Agapeo charity foundation

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About Us

We Have two main causes that need your support.Educating the OVC's

Education in Uganda, at all levels from kindergarten to University is paid for, at a much higher amount than can be afforded by an average parent or Guardian.

Feeding, Sheltering & Clothing OVC's

Feeding : has been a vital integral part of our activities among our Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Total orphans and abandoned children normally starve for days, resulting in malnutrition, mental retardation and sometimes death of a number of children in the community.

Sheltering : Children are currently supported in school Boarding sections. ACF however has a future plan to institute an orphanage in the area to provide a more conducive shelter to the Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

Clothing OVC's : Has become the least of the children's problems given major bottlenecks like lack of food and access to quality education. ACF partners with a number of donors and well wishers to supply some clothing for children.