New Life Foundation, Thailand

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About Us

New Life is an international mindful recovery community for people who are suffering because of addiction problems, stress, burnout, relationship issues or abuse. We aim to provide a unique learning environment based on mindfulness and sustainable living, where residents can learn to nurture and maintain their recovery. With support from the community and guidance from the staff, each individual develops their own action plan that enables them to discover their potential and develop a new healthy lifestyle based on mindfulness, truthfulness, responsibility and respect.

At New Life we are all connected by a common purpose and actively engaged in learning from each other: staff, residents and volunteers. Our community provides the best possible environment for healing body and mind: mindfulness practice , which forms the heart of our recovery program, nature therapy as well as a choice of many different types of group and individual activities.

We have an experienced team that will help you discover your potential, regain your sense of self-value and find happiness with your New Life. We believe that all of us have suffering and problems in our lives, but we can use these experiences as a foundation to gain understanding of ourselves and life in general. All of us are able to get rid of our suffering if we use love, understanding, respect and trust.

It is our mission to cultivate a lifestyle that fosters inner growth and helps people to find meaning and purpose in life again. We believe that all of us have everything it takes to create a peaceful, equitable and sustainable existence. All we have to do is renew our relationship with ourselves and our environment.