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About Us

Neuro-Rehab Charity Foundation (NRCF) is Non-profit organization registered by the NGO board of Uganda, charity number 9550; NRCF is part of SHS (Stroke, Head and Spinal cord injury) rehabilitation centre. SHS started operating in August 2012 while NRCF started in October 2012. NRCF was established with an effort to meet the complex rehabilitation needs of patients who cannot afford to self-fund such treatment but, who have the potential to benefit from physiotherapy and Occupational therapy interventions. This is the first comprehensive Neuro-Rehab Charity Foundation in Uganda offering out patients, community and home based rehabilitation services to stroke, head and spinal injury patients.

Our vision is to restore body function in neurological patients.

Our mission is to rehabilitate people with temporary or permanent disability caused by stroke, head and spinal cord injury. We aim to provide physiotherapy services to help rebuild peoples’ lives with hope, independence and dignity. Furthermore, advocating for their full inclusion in all aspects of community life, whilst at the same time promoting safety and injury prevention.