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About Us

NEF is an umbrella organization supporting public interest bloggers, netcasters and Internet videographers. We are looking to incorporate in July 2016, though if we can get things moving, we'd be happy to incorporate before then.

Music Manumit, Cyberunions, Sportazine and Open Source Playground are our founding sites. Please let us know if you have a free culture blog or podcast that would like to join our team!

The social mission of Music Manumit is to provide people with legally remixable musical works and also to help people understand the legal issues around those works.

Music Manumit is a lot of things and is planning to be even more.

The "main" show:

Right now Music Manumit curates music both at and at the Free Music Archive. Specifically, we curate remixable music (almost 100% Creative Commons, but some Public Domain) so that when videographers and media artists hear music on our site, they know they can use the material in their work without the hassle of a licensing deal with a record label.

We also have a talk show where we discuss tips for budding musicians and pitfalls for the music-loving public. We also frequently use the weekly talk show to highlight musicians doing great work from all across the globe.

The Lawcast:

In 2012, Music Manumit added Brian Clark to our team to help flesh out copyright, trademark and Internet legal issues that were constantly showing up on Music Manumit. The Lawcast also has a relationship with Essentially, any patent or software related issues we come across on the Lawcast are cross-posted on