Africa Leadership Institute




About Us

The Africa Leadership Institute (AFLI) was conceived in the late 2003 as an Independent, non-partisan, public policy Pan African Think tank. It is spearheaded by African policy experts, some of whom are former senior Government and United Nations staff, others Former parliamentarians, senior civil society actors, University lecturers, and media practitioners.

The INSTITUTE was established with the broad aim of promoting excellence in Leadership, security, good governance and sustainable development in Africa.

In particular, AFLI is set to address on the one hand, the perturbing absence of Africa home grown evidence based policy analysis used to strengthen public and citizens’ scrutiny of their leaders and leadership institutions. Thereby, the Institute is established as deliberate response to an honest search for innovative and practical tools for deepening and widening accountability and democratic governance as a way of life in Africa. On the other hand, the Institute is set up as a response to the urgent need to, bridge the disconnect between decision-making and policy appropriateness in the resolution of topical problems affecting ordinary people in Africa. AFLI was established with headquarters in Kampala, Uganda with the aim of promoting peace, security and good governance for development in Africa.