Burmese American Association of Texas

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About Us

To establish a multi-ethnic, non-denominational activity center called the Burmese Cultural Center of Texas to promote Burmese culture, language, literature, and works of art by equipping it with a library in order to educate the public at large in Burmese culture through reading and self-exploration.

To sponsor and invite well-known Burmese scholars, artists, musicians, and religious and spiritual philosophers to conduct and present seminars, classes, and educational workshops with the purpose of promoting and educating the public on various facets of Burmese culture.

To promote and foster friendship, fellowship, and racial harmony between the Burmese and all other racial and ethnic groups living in the United States of America through cross-cultural social activities that engender cultural interactions amongst a diverse community.

To help eliminate prejudice and discrimination and establish fraternal relations amongst members of the community by encouraging and advancing cultural diversity and tolerance towards ethnic and racial differences through cultural awareness programs and social activities.

To assist the Burmese immigrants in learning the English language and provide the upward mobility necessary to improve their socio-economic conditions.