Association of mothers of children with special needs "The Step"

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About Us

Our mission is to create possibilities for the integral development and possession of equal rights for children with special needs and to provide a support for families of such children.

We are recently established organisation, we already have 20 children in our centre, those children have such conditions as autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Majority of our children suffer from autism. Unfortunately, there is still very little done for children with special needs in the region of Eastern Kazakhstan and in particularly there is nothing for children suffering from autism. Now we are tying very hard to work with our children and to learn some empirically-proven methods such as ABA therapy.

We are desperately in need for volunteers who know any of the methods and can help us to learn about those methods, to work with our children. It can be a wonderful opportunity for you to get some practical experience in helping with the new-established charity in the unusual place.. We will provide you with food and accommodation, be your personal guides to the culture of Kazakhstan. We would really appreciate your help.