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About Us

There's greatness in every girl. Girl Scouts helps her find it!

Girl Scouts offers every girl the skills and opportunity she needs to excel, exceed, and lead.

Girl Scouting has been an advocate for girls and the place where girls grow strong for 101 years. In Maine the nearly 4,000 adult members are committed to making a difference in the lives of the nearly 11,000 girls who are a part of the Girl Scouts community in Maine where she can:

- Go to any one of our four Camps where she will create memories that last a lifetime surrounded by nature's beauty and a circle of caring girls and adults

- Experience STEM programming

- Travel within the state, nationally and internationally

- Customize her experience to complement her busy schedule and varied interests

- Participate in a four - six week Series Program with a group of girls her own age focused on a specific theme or purpose such as science, technology, outdoor experiences and skill building; community service; health; leadership; or graphic arts.

- Belong to a Girl Scout troop with about 80% of our other girl members. As a member of a troop girls have opportunities to discover, connect and take action via the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. This very fun experience combines acquiring new knowledge; skill-building; a focus on healthy relationships; and opportunities for leadership development. Being surrounded by a circle of friends is what many girls want and need. Being in a safe environment with healthy role models is what parents/guardians seek for the girl they love. No wonder thousands of girls join Girl Scout troops every year. Sadly hundreds of girls are on wait list waiting for volunteers to step forward and new troops are formed.

In Girl Scouts, together girls and adults discover the fun, friendship, and power of girls together. .