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The Dikeou Collection is a Contemporary Art Collection in Downtown Denver that was established in 1998 by siblings, Devon Dikeou and Pany Dikeou. It is free and open to the public. Hours: Wed-Fri 11:00 AM–5:00PM.

Operating as an extension of New York publication zingmagazine, the Dikeou Collection features work of approximately 30 international artists. Devon Dikeou is an artist herself, the founder, editor, and publisher of zingmagazine, as well as a collector. Her interest in the platform of exchange between collector, artist, viewing context—museum, collection, gallery, magazine—and viewer engendered her artistic practice, zingmagazine, and the formation of the Dikeou Collection.

In 2003, the Dikeou Collection opened to the public; it is located in the Colorado Building, which dates from the 1899 and still has the original mail chutes, floors and architecture. The first leg of exhibition space featured the work of 10 artists: Rainer Ganahl, Ester Partegas, Juan Eduardo Gómez Osorio, Giasco Bertoli, Simon Periton, Vik Muniz, Momoyo Torimitsu, Dan Asher, Lee Stoetzel, Paul Ramirez Jonas. The work of Misaki Kawai, Luis Macias, Jonathan Horowitz, Chris Johanson, Sarah Staton, Wade Guyton, The Royal Art Lodge, and additional works by both Paul Ramirez Jonas, and Lee Stoetzel were added and the space expanded in 2004/5.

In September 2006, the exhibition space again doubled to include seven more artists: Janine Gordon, Lawrence Seward, Tracy Nakayama, Chris Gilmour, Lisa Kereszi, Serge Onnen, and Devon Dikeou herself.

In 2007, the exhibition space further expanded again to include five new artists: Agathe Snow, Margaret Lee, Joshua Smith, Johannes Van Der Beek, a solo sculpture by Drue Langlois (a past member of the Royal Art Lodge), and a lobby installation by Misaki Kawai.

In the fall of 2011 new work was installed by Nils Folke Anderson and Lucky DeBellevue. The Spring of 2013 will feature new installations by Lizzi Bougatsos, Anicka Li, Sebastiaan Bremer, Margaret Lee, Justin Goldwater and Anya Kielar.

The works collected are meant to fulfill a complete vision of each artist given their particular medium. Each artist’s work is presented in an intimate setting, accompanied by the artists’ zingmagazine projects as a complement to their work.

The Dikeou Collection is one of the private collections that is open to the public worldwide to be included in the debut edition of The BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors. "The BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors is the first joint publication by BMW and Independent Collectors, a partnership that began in 2009. Like other collaborative projects, this guide serves a collective goal: making private contemporary art accessible to the public."


The Dikeou Collection internship program aims to develop, enhance, engender, and establish a forum for artistically-minded people in Colorado, the US, and abroad. This independent, unique and hands-on experience will teach interns the day to day business of running a private collection, and the basic functions of a public space as it exists in an integrated artistic community.

Initiative is the nexus. We believe that when interns actively seek tasks at which they excel, the experience becomes more valuable. Because time spent at the Dikeou Collection will be currency for future involvement in the art world, we encourage each intern to shape their time at the Collection based on their interests. General responsibilities include docent duties such as opening and closing the Collection, guiding public tours one day a week, giving select visitors (artists, architects, scholars, members of the press), educational and school tours private viewings by appointment. Ancillary duties include exhibition preparation, archiving press, library maintenance, outreach visitor initiatives, office administration, and building maintenance.

The Dikeou Collection hopes to attract local, national, and international university students. We encourage applicants of all ages, backgrounds, and interests, from all fields of study, who have an interest in fine art, art history, architecture, museum studies, conservation, design, and beyond to apply.

The internship is slated to last 1 US University Semester, but is flexible. We offer credit to qualifying applicants. Applicants must have access to transportation and housing that allows them to work in Downtown Denver at least 1 day a week for a total of 20 working days per semester.

To apply, please send a statement of interest (including when you hope to start your internship) and your resume to

Internship Periods: January to May; June to August; August/September to December.

The Dikeou Collection is a Contemporary Art Collection in Downtown Denver that was established in 1998 by siblings, Devon Dikeou and Pany Dikeou. It is free and open to the public. Hours: Wed-Fri 11:00 AM–5:00PM.

Operating as an extension of New…

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