Florence Crittenton Programs

  • South Carolina

About Us

The Mission of Florence Crittenton is to provide Hope, Safety and Opportunity to young women in order to instill self-worth and self-sufficieny. We value the right of every young woman to obtain the education, skills and support needed to have a healthy start in life – for today and tomorrow! Read more about our programs below.

Our Residential Program offers comprehensive help for pregnant teens and young women, ages 10 to 21, from the entire state of South Carolina.

Services include residential care, academic education, group and individual counseling, pre-natal care and life skills instruction.

Our overriding goal is to help each young mother take ownership of her pregnancy and her life, so that she will make informed, beneficial choices for herself, her baby, and the community as a whole.

With our help, these girls and young women deliver healthy babies, complete their education, and heal through counseling. They also acquire a sense of autonomy and accomplishment, so that they may become self-sufficient, successful adults.