Uganda Rural Development & Training Programme


P.O. Box 24


About Us

URDT is a nonprofit in the Kibaale District of Uganda. We provide education and training to people living on less than $1/day to help facilitate their own self-generated development in education, income generation, health, human rights, gender sensitivity, civic participation, and more.

Our programs include a Girls School, Vocational Institute, African Rural University for Women, KKCR Community Radio Station, Microcredit Fund, Human Rights/Land Rights programs, Demonstration Farm, Appropriate Technologies Center, and ICT/Computer Center.

Our mission is:

- To facilitate integrated, self-generating development of rural communities using an approach that combines rural development projects with consciousness raising, training, education and information sharing so that new awakening buttressed in skills and knowledge remain resident with the people as they organically change the quality of their lives.

- To enable the people of Uganda in general and Bunyoro Region in particular to recognize and embody common vision, values and to work together to create for themselves PEACE, PROSPERITY, HEALTH, FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS as they discover that they are KEY to their own development.

- To enable people to tap their innate power and wisdom to create an environment that fosters personal and communal growth.

- To enable people to recognize and utilize the inter-relationship between development concerns in health, nutrition, sanitation, water management, rural technologies, income generation and environment so that they have a holistic approach to their development.