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About Us

I.D Identifying Discourse Inc. is a New York State 501 (c) (3), Non profit and Non Governmental (NGO) International philanthropic and humanitarian organization.

Our focus is to encourage literacy development by placing donated books in the hands of students throughout the world. We also work to encourage discussions and community organizing around issues such as:

Poverty, Literacy, Human Rights and Peace Building.

I.D Identifying Discourse Inc. encourages freedom of expression through the arts and media and seeks to create genuine partnerships between cultural organizations worldwide.

Thank you for welcoming the ID Identifying Discourse Inc. (ID Inc.) team with the opportunity to introduce our international humanitarian organization, and to update you on our progress. At ID Inc. our aim is to collect discarded and donated books, and other educational resources, and redistribute them to international learning communities where books and resources are in short supply. ID Inc. is a small international organization dedicated to creating strategies to access education, and the creative arts for those challenged by social barriers and structural inequity.We invite you to join us in our efforts to raise $7,000 to assist us with our current book drive to Morocco, scheduled for June 2014.

Recent Accomplishments

·Most recently, in March 2013 ID Identifying Discourse Inc. presented a student forum called Asdiqa Al Maktaba on Cultural Inclusivity and Sustainability on the subject of Literacy Development, to Master level students at Ibn Tofail University, Hassan II University, Ibn Zohr University and the Moroccan Ministry of Education.

We also donated a large collection of over 85 special edition National Geographic maps, a North American Atlas, a professional Meade Telescope, alongside a collection of minerals to Ibn Tofail’s Geography Department. These donations were given through the Map Association Program (M.A.P). The M.A.P program is an inter-university program which encourages each university to borrow the maps, the mineral collection and the telescope for one year, allowing other universities to borrow the Map Collection.

·IIID Inc. received a mini-grant in April 2013 from The Youth Services of America organization (YSA) for our Asdiqa Al Maktaba program in Morocco. Our program was a grant winner for YSA’s Global Youth Service Day event. We continue to apply for much needed grants on behalf of our international humanitarian efforts. Our current donor based campaigns benefiting rural and urban learning institutions, schools, art and cultural organizations in Morocco, are focused through our programs: 1 Million Books for Morocco, Ana Atakalam, and Indigenous to Indigenous.

·In April 2013 our team participated in the Clinton Global Initiative University program and are now working on official book donation projects with: Ibn Tofail University, Hassan II University, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, Ibn Zohr University, as well as many language schools and art centers throughout Morocco.

·In 2011, ID Identifying Discourse Inc. started its earliest self-funded donation with a large number of English language textbooks, university-level science and history books, business and marketing guides to the Moulay Ismail University in Meknes, Morocco. The following year, the ID Inc. team donated over 450 National Geographic magazines (as a jacketed collection) which included over 200 collectors’ editions, to the English Department at Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah University Sais in Fez, Morocco. Further donations of books were made to individuals and families in Bab Tisimi, Sidi Bouzkeri, and Ouislane-Meknes and in Safi, Morocco.

At ID Inc. our goals are honest and simple. First, we want to be part of the solution working towards intercultural exchange, while supporting educators who use arts and cultural exchange, and literacy development to promote peaceful communities. Second, we aim to create genuine partnerships between arts and cultural organizations through cultural-collaborations around the world. Currently, the ID Inc. team is collaborating with international learning communities whose programs focus on: arts and cultural studies, history, foreign languages, sociology, ecological awareness, community outreach, and literacy development.

It is our goal to building a network of at least 40 different schools and libraries in Morocco. Our next donation of books and educational resources scheduled for June 2014, supports students who are studying English, and other foreign languages and cultural studies in schools with limited textbooks and educational resources. We aim to primarily support schools that require books and assistance with developing their libraries. Our team is excited at the opportunity to collaborate with students, local schools, and humanitarian organizations throughout Morocco.

We have recently received official approval from the Moroccan Ministry of Education in Rabat, to open our own language center in Morocco, and are working to establish a cultural and service exchange program for high school and university students. Our collaboration with the deans of our partner universities and schools are now developing a study abroad and service learning program in Morocco with ID Inc. It would be a great honor to work with students, schools and universities.

Our book donations are reviewed by the Ministry of Education in Morocco and are also approved by the academic Deans of each university with whom we collaborate. Every language center partnered with ID Inc. has received an official letter and certificate of partnership from ID Identifying Discourse Inc. to present to the local city education boards. Having met with each Dean and education facilitator, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Education in Morocco, our team is well informed and confident on the genuine need of books in Morocco.

Our current fundraiser is aiming to earn $7,000 will assist us greatly in being able to donate over 20,000 much needed books to schools and universities with great book shortages in Morocco. We are asking for financial support and donations to help us reach our goal of earning $7,000 for our summer book donation. We have earned nearly $2,000 since the start of our fundraiser in January 214, and are supported by Books for Africa in The U.S and and Books to Africa in the United Kingdom, who are offering books for sale in bulk quantity towards our Books to Morocco donation in June 2014.

ID Inc. is operating as a New York State 501(C) (3), and as a Non- Profit registered charity. We are also registered under Certificate of Authority in New Orleans, Louisiana, and registered in the original Mohawk Indian region in upstate Montgomery County, NY. Our advisors and cultural ambassadors at ID-Inc., collectively hold over 30 years of community service experience, and are dedicated to improving literacy development through providing tangible educational resources, capacity development services, and serving as liaisons between arts and cultural organizations.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at Info@, at (518) 429-3458 or at 0656.885.806 or at the mailing address provided above. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Our goals are transparent, honest and simple: we want to help others create and develop ways to promote peaceful communities, literacy development and more wholesome lives for themselves in their own way with respect to all components of their culture.

Cultural sensitivity and competency are our priorities as we deliver our donations throughout the world.

Best Regards,

Mr. Damon Jhamyl Anderson, Director

ID Identifying Discourse, Inc.



I.D Identifying Discourse Inc. is a New York State 501 (c) (3), Non profit and Non Governmental (NGO) International philanthropic and humanitarian organization.

Our focus is to encourage literacy development by placing donated books in the hands…

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