Affiliates Risk Management Services, Inc.

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About Us

Affiliates Risk Management Services, Inc. helps its clients, more than 700 ambulatory health centers located throughout the United States, reduce risk and enhance patient safety through its three core programs: 

Insurance: ARMS assembles a comprehensive collection of coverages tailored to the unique needs of its clients, with an aim to provide maximum protection at affordable rates. 

Risk, Quality, and Patient Safety: ARMS supports its clients with tools, resources, and guidance to help them maintain enterprise-wide risk management programs and mitigate the likelihood of adverse outcomes. 

The Center for Affiliated Learning: This award-winning internet-based education platform delivers learning across a range of modalities, with coursework designed to improve quality of care, enhance patient safety, and reduce risk. 

Together, these programs form an integrated risk-mitigation approach that helps enhance the quality of patient care; offers information, training, and education to minimize the likelihood that adverse events will occur; and protects providers and their institutions when they do.