United Way of Fresno County

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About Us

United Way of Fresno County (UWFC) brings resources together to address the most urgent issues the community faces. Through unique partnerships and approaches, UWFC mobilizes resources beyond the dollars that are pledged through their fund-raising efforts.

Community partners often include schools, government policy makers, businesses, organized labor, financial institutions, voluntary and neighborhood associations, community development corporations, and the faith community.

OUR VISION - Our community will be recognized as one of the twenty best places in the nation to live and work.

OUR MISSION - To maximize and focus resources to build a healthy community.

HISTORY OF UWFC - Since 1923, UW has been at the heart of a great and caring community. In the fertile, sun-drenched Great Central Valley between the Sierras and the Pacific Ocean, Fresno County has the largest agriculture economy of any county in the nation. But intertwined with its rich abundance and rich heritage of cultures from around the world, Fresno County also has one of the highest poverty and unemployment levels in the nation.

The people of Fresno County value healthy families, religious faith, hard work, education, entrepreneurial creativity and collaborating for the common good. At the heart of this caring community, UW helps a wide range of nonprofit organizations and institutions meet real human needs, from most basic physical requirements of food, clothing, and shelter, to the most lofty reaches of mind and spirit in the arts.

Our Healthy Community Goals

Our children will be healthy and succeeding in school. Our families will be healthy and living in safe neighborhoods. We will enjoy a rich and diverse cultural life together. We will support ourselves and help each other. We will be able to have access to high quality community support when we need it.