Agdz Association Volunteers Without Borders

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Dar EL mouaten Agdz


About Us

Agdz Association Volunteers Without Borders is an association of youth There is currently the headquarters of the House Agdz citizen, is working on a set of goals that seeks to achieve, including:
 develop and organize volunteer work.
 directing volunteer work to serve humanitarian purposes
 raise the cultural, social, environmental and health awareness among members of the community
 help institutions and associations on the performance of its mission through voluntary efforts.
 provide an opportunity for community members to volunteer in the field of public services through education and training
To achieve its goals Assembly is working in several areas remind Maha:
 the cultural field: includes organizing lectures and seminars and exhibitions and CDA spreading cultural production.
 the educational field:
• nurture the upbringing of the individual psychological and social intact.
• the development of individual talents and paid for creativity and investment innate talents and gained.
• cooperation with the concerned authorities and education that have the same goals are also interested in trips and camps and sports activities.
• contribute to the formation of human good to serve the nation and the nation.
• lay the foundations for balanced environmental culture.
 the field of social development:
• Literacy .
• help needy (especially the disabled).
• cooperation with the associations and those interested in social development within the country and abroad.
• preparation and completion of development projects for the benefit of the population.
Encourage every act aimed at civic education to activate the rights and duties of citizenship.