Mawulolo Youth Network

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About Us

    • Founded in 2012, Mawulolo Youth Network exists to improve the lives of children living in Christian Village, a suburb of Accra, Ghana. Mawulolo translates “God's greatness” in Ewe, a local language spoken in the southern region of Ghana. The mission of MYN is to exterminate all traces of neglect of the underprivileged by providing the vulnerable youths and children with fundamental resources. The organization is dedicated to this mission and achieves this by providing a number of programs for the children in its care, including education, health, feeding, sports, and performing and fine arts.

      Within the education sector of the organization, the children arrive at Mawulolo for an after school program. They can be found learning various things, such as reading and writing letters, words, and numbers. The educational level of the children in MYN ranges from kindergarten to Senior High School (SHS), so the type of education that they receive at MYN depends on their educational level at school. Volunteers can come in the week days to assist teaching the children and helping them gain a better understanding of what they are learning at school. Volunteers each have a class of their own, enabling them to keep a record of the progress that each individual child is making throughout their time at MYN.

      Mawulolo Youth Network also offers a scholarship opportunity for children who are otherwise unable to attend school and have access to an education. The scholarship makes it possible for these children to attend MYN and have the ability to learn and make educational progress alongside the other children in the program.

      Mawulolo Youth Network makes it possible for the vulnerable and less fortunate populations to have access to an education in order to lead to a brighter future. MYN hopes that through the programs that they offer, the children will be able to have their basic needs met and become empowered so that one day the cycle of poverty and hunger can be eliminated.