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About Us

Fairplaylist supports music, and the celebration of all its' forms, through more equitable participation in dialogue and the sharing of resources across borders, boundaries and media.....

Fairplaylist works towards the elaboration of a new system of practice and cooperation in the music industry - one which will encourage greater creativity and diversity across music streams and communities.

Whether you’re a musician, music listener, producer, radio programmer, DJ, venue promoter, journalist or the music-loving public this site sets out to.....

  • Provide a platform for showcasing local musicians and musical talent in different countries through an on-line music hosting, promotion and exchange site. Musicians will also benefit from the preparation for sale of stand-alone music compilations.
  • Provide a platform for exchanging local music industry information and sustainable market intelligence, as well as information on training and professional development opportunities, in selected project countries.
  • Increase access to imaginative and interactive web-based resources and training tools for the strengthening of domestic music industries.

Our longer term objectives include:

  • Facilitating networking between different stakeholders towards the strengthening of domestic music industries. Relationship building is seen as crucial to the growth of local, regional and national support mechanisms, maintaining the vibrancy of specific musical traditions, as well as identifying alternative distribution channels for musicians.
  • Raising awareness of, and showcasing, innovations in music sector practices around the world.
  • Increasing coordination between major industry players towards more open and fair business practices and legislation in different project countries.