Hobby School of Ulaanbaatar (CEEB Code 676188)

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About Us


The first independent national school in the country - Hobby School was founded in 1994, to educate the next generation of Mongolian intelligentsia, against a backdrop of tough economic conditions, rapidly growing urban population and crumbling public education system. The main aim of the school is to nurture a generation of intellectuals who care deeply about their communities, love their country, appreciate art and music, and are , highly educated people, capable of contributing to the development of our country. With a view to this, a challenging, yet caring educational environment has been created.

Hobby School is accredited by the Capital City Education Department of Mongolia and follows the State-approved General Secondary Education Curriculum of Mongolia. All students are issued an official Mongolian State Complete Secondary Education Certificate upon graduation. We are also a member institution of College Board.

In the academic year of 2017-2018, the school has an enrollment of about 800 students, in grades 1 to 12 (ages 6 to 17, approximately).

In June 2018 the school expects to graduate 58 students – historically the highest number of graduates.

The school’s name, despite lending an aura of leisure, is deeply meaningful. The inspiration for the school followed on Eurasian Hobby (falco subbuteo). Falcons are revered by Mongolians as symbols of courage and vigor.

Today, the school is widely recognized as one of the best secondary education institutions in the country. In line with the founder Dr.Oyuntsetseg’s vision of nurturing the next generation of Mongolian intelligentsia, Hobby School keeps its tuition fees at levels far below its peer schools in order to ensure accessibility for families from different socio-economic backgrounds (annual tuition is approx. USD4000 before financial aid is applied as compared to our peer school that charge in excess of 10-20k per annum). 40% of the total student body receives tuition fee waivers ranging from 10%-100%.


In addition to following the State-approved General Secondary Education Curriculum of Mongolia, the school implements an immersion-based program of English instruction. Hobby School was the first school in Mongolia to introduce in October 2016 The International Primary Curriculum (IPC http://www.greatlearning.com/ipc/) and The International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC http://www.greatlearning.com/imyc/). The school was also the first to adopt AP courses into its curriculum. The bilingual nature of the curriculum results in added workload on our students. The students in grades 1-12 have about 50%-100% as many contact hours as their peers in other schools.

In grades 11 and 12, the academic program is organized on the combination of block and traditional schedules – while AP courses and honors courses are block scheduled, regular courses follow the traditional schedule. Each day students take up to eight 40-minute classes and a total of 37 class hours per week.

All classes are year-long and the academic year is divided into 4 quarters/terms. Quarter grades are reported as percentages, rounded to the nearest unit, with attached letter grades. At the end of each term the teachers give the quarter grades and the end-of-year final grade is the simple average of the four quarter grades. 

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