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Established by GDPC in May 2013, the Universal App Program (UAP) proves the concept that simultaneous app development by multiple national societies is not only possible but also cost effective and efficient.  National societies are able to manage their own customization in the easy to use interface that efficiently and cost effectively provides access to app development. To date, the GDPC has worked in tandem with national societies to develop more than 50 First Aid and Hazard apps.  Our experience with the Universal App Program shows that the success of a mobile application – demonstrated in part by download numbers and interest of the public -- depends on a national society’s commitment to developing a focused and sustained marketing program to engage the public. Our experience further demonstrates that capacity of national societies vary and that some lack resources or experience to develop a strong marketing strategy to engage the public.   In response, the GDPC seeks to research and develop materials that will assist national societies to launch and promote the app.