Jails to Jobs, Inc.

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Pleasant Hill
United States

About Us

We offer job-search workshops for soon-to-be-released inmates in prisons and jails

We need people to help us with any or all of the following projects:

Researching tattoo removal services and clinics nationwide to expand our national database of free or low-cost programs, since having visible, antisocial or gang-related tattoos is one of the biggest impediments to employment for ex-offenders and others.

Creating a white paper on how to set up a free or low-cost tattoo removal program that we will use to help expand these programs across the U.S.

Expanding our social media efforts to reach more people.

Exploring the use of crowdsourced fundraising platforms to raise money for our projects.

  • Writing grant proposals.

We would appreciate a commitment of at least four months with six hours per week. Work from our office or virtually from your location.