The Street Child Project

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About Us

The Street Child Project was founded in 2009 to with the hope and vision of ending child homelessness in Uganda. The Street Child Project works with street boys from the streets of Kampala and Jinja. Currently, we operate a stable home that works to holistically rehabilitate and stabilize each child that enters into our doors through a series of child development methods catered specifically to the needs of each child. We use the arts to engage with each child in creative ways to facilitate their growth and development . We use art because we have learned that it is a powerful medium of expression, useful in forming relationships with street children and advocating on their behalf.

Our vision is to see the street children of Uganda transformed and empowered to become agents of social change in their communities. To achieve this goal, we invite street children to grow in relationship with us and offer them educational opportunities that encourage them to break cycles of poverty and abuse in their families and communities.

We are a growing community of passionate, committed students, professionals and teachers called by Jesus to serve street children around the world. We hope that you will join us as we work towards and dream of a world where every child has a home. Please visit our website for more information on how to become involved with or donate or our work.