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About Us

Through scholarship, teaching, and immersion in the world and its communities, Emory Law’s mission is to: 

Produce scholarship and educate students regarding the role of law in defining and addressing social ills; structuring conflict; designing effective legal, political, and market institutions; informing and constraining governments; and memorializing societal commitments.

Advance the rule of law and the resulting benefits of accountability, individual rights, social justice, thriving markets, and economic development.

Cultivate leaders who serve the community through roles in the judiciary, government, legal education, public interest law, corporations, and law firms.

Prepare students for a variety of careers and ever-changing legal, political, social, and market conditions by providing a rigorous education that integrates theory, doctrine, and experiential learning.

Promote excellence by striving for diversity of its student body, faculty, and staff and by facilitating scholarly productivity and interdisciplinary exchange with members of the university, the broader academic community in the United States and abroad, and the legal profession.