William Floyd Alumni Organization

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Mastic Beach

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About Us

1. The purpose of the organization is to promote the education of the students of the William Floyd School District ; and

2. To provide a conduit through which alumni may direct their charitable activities in support of their school community and its students; and

3. To protect the dignity of low-income students by providing charitable relief to those within the district who may be in need, as we are made able through our fundraising and other revenue-producing activities as may be allowed under Section 402 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York and as allowed under the IR S 501(c)(3) code, through material support while showing, through the accomplishments of alumni and their peers, their own possibilities and potential for accomplishment, leading to positive growth in the community as a whole;

4. To recognize the outstanding accomplishments of William Floyd students through scholarships, and of William Floyd alumni through the Distinguished Alumni, Armed Forces Memorial, and Athletic Hall of Fame, or other recognitions, which will be made possible as a result of the charitable support of the community through the permissible activities of the Alumni Association;

We expect that while the charitable and educational activities of the association will enhance the well-being, good will, and reputation, within and among the School District community and alumni, they will also serve to foster a renewed camaraderie between and among the William Floyd alumni and with our school community.