Wilmington College Center for Service & Civic Engagement

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About Us

The mission of the Center for Service & Civic Engagement (CSCE) at Wilmington College is to engage students, faculty and staff in responsible and challenging actions for the common good. These actions foster the development of personal values, social responsibility and a sense of caring for others. By coordinating volunteer opportunities, service learning and philanthropic activities, the CSCE serves as a direct link between the campus and local community.

The CSCE Program embraces the College’s Quaker heritage and its mission to “develop in each student effective ways of knowing and learning, an awareness of the world and the value of truth and justice.”

Furthermore, the program supports the College’s mission to develop students who have a “commitment to peace making, social justice, humanitarian service, and respect for all persons.” In addition, the program strives to provide opportunities that help students translate their interest in service and social awareness into “real world” experience.