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About Us

LIFE Literacy is a focused literacy educator targeting post-conflict communities in Africa. Offering free classes, library resources, and a daily meal to all of its students, LIFE has created a powerful model for literacy education. LIFE also offers international volunteers, who are passionate about development, to gain frontline experience working with communities in Africa.

Nations recuperating from prolonged periods of conflict, such as Liberia, often suffer from a destruction of educational infrastructure and a lack of trained teachers. In the worst cases, an entire generation of students may have been unable to receive even basic levels of education. LIFE seeks to address these issues by:

- Focusing on literacy: By narrowing our mandate we can ensure that what we do, we do well. By making that mandate literacy, we also ensure that every student has the proper foundation on which to build an enriching, practical education.

- Building our own facilities: The students’ environment has a significant impact on their learning. By operating out of our own newly-built facilities – that are clean, bright and comfortable – we not only ensure a high-quality learning environment for all our students but also help address the complete lack of quality educational facilities in the country.

- Teaching through teamwork: Each classroom is anchored by a local Liberian teacher, assuring continuity and cultural sensitivity in the classroom. International volunteers play an equally critical role by increasing the individual attention received by students and by lending a helping hand to the local staff.