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About Us

High Cloud’s mission is to provide humanitarian assistance and support to orphanages, foundations and rural schools through educational programs, sports and additional extracurricular activities. High Cloud also provides the basic elements of life such as clothing, food, school supplies as well as financial support. In addition to physical human needs, we are also dedicated to providing displaced children and families with a sense of belonging, self-esteem, empowerment and opportunity.

At High Cloud, our vision is to help alleviate world poverty for the vulnerable among us – children, orphans, families and mothers who are victims of violence or natural disasters occurring throughout the world. The High Cloud Foundation has ongoing Humanitarian Activities in countries such as: Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Macedonia, Nigeria, the Middle East, among others. Very soon, High Cloud will be providing support to children in Tunisia, India, Kenya, and Mauritius.

High Cloud considers that the best way to be true citizens is by having an intrinsic commitment and devotion to sympathize with the necessities of the most vulnerable among us. Our work is focused on raising funds for the High Cloud children so that we can supply them with didactic material such as computers, school supplies as well as clothing, food for the children and their families, running shoes, running gear etc. With this and the educational programs, High Cloud has been able to make a profound impact in the community given the condition of misery in which they live.

You will help High Cloud to inspire so many people to donate equipment, clothing, food and the financial support that the children and community desperately need. You are already part of this dream as High Cloud will ascend as the cloud in its logo so that the children that live in extreme conditions in the world can also have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Thank you for your support,

The High Cloud Foundation www.highcloud.org