Children's Psychological Health Center

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2105 Divisadero Street
San Francisco
United States

About Us

This center helps mend children's broken hearts and minds. We are a non-profit organization providing training for treatment, research and professional education. We help catastrophically stressed children and are developing better and better ways to heal them. Our methods are helpful to many autistic preschoolers. We are ready to do much more, with community help and support.

We are training five model service sites for preschoolers, including those suffering from autism. Our goal is to provide, across the country, training for therapists and teachers to give evidence-based effective treatments for autistic children or families who have been immensely stressed by violent wounds, deaths of loved ones, kidnappings or rapes. Society must protect children when they are traumatized and help them get well. Protection and healing won't happen just by chance, soon enough or often enough. Ours is an organized professional and citizen effort to assist developmentally disordered preschoolers as well as psychologically traumatized children. We welcome clinicians, allied professionals, and citizens to join the effort to help such children.