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Who we are

Trinity children's hope ministries (TRICH MINISTRIES) is a pivot of community development and was founded in 2011 by Ray Solomon on the principle of achieving transformation through self help initiatives, relief, giving all necessary assistance to orphans an needy children, elderly, widows, teenage mother and the youths in the community.

TRICH ministries is a nonprofit , charity community organization which supports and gives relief to disadvantaged children, elderly, widows, teenage mothers and the youths in Uganda.

TRICH is a fully registered charity by the government of Uganda


TRICH way of dealing with the beneficiaries differs from some other organizations in that we care for orphans and vulnerable children within their family setting and within their villages as opposed to orphanages. Orphans are typically adopted by relatives, such that TRICH helps with the support of these orphans within their original adoption. Within this very approach of care, TRICH also supports elderly people, widows and teenage mothers many of who care for the orphans supported by TRICH. This approach currently has over 200 children BUT we have a total of 35 children who are typically badly off with totally no relative to where we can send them to; so we are proposing to set up a uniform home (foster) to take care of these miserable boys and girls because every child a has a right to all benefits as a child and a child never chooses where to be born.


-To establish a foster family resource centre to provide information, accommodation, education, research and recreation facilities to vulnerable children and care givers.

-To promote community based heath care, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, amongst the communities.

-To promote the needy members of the community to participate in income generating activities for socio-economic transformation of their homesteads.

-To enhance preventive measures against HIV an d malaria to promote initiatives among communities' members for the care of those individuals and families affected by AIDS and Malaria

-To promote revolving micro-finance scheme for poverty eradication among the society and children's foster families.

-To offer marriage, home and family counseling services to the society and members of the communities.

-To establish children's foster home and take care of the vulnerable children in the communities.

-To offer moral guidance and counseling services to persons including children, youths and adults

-To operate a computer training centre to empower the learners to live a meaningful lifestyle

-To establish a tailoring and knitting training centre for the beneficiaries and community members.

- To apply to any international body, government or authorities, public organization

Vision, values and structure


Eliminating causes of poverty and disease while providing positive lasting solutions to the society.

Our Core Values

Our values are built on the foundation that children and disadvantaged communities are our greatest asset and must be provided with services that will improve their conditions to help them end their stories

Our contributions to education, healthcare, water, sanitation and hygiene, self help initiative, accommodation, feeding, clothing, poverty alleviation, moral guidance, home, marriage and community counseling , HIV and malaria prevention enhancement, and child rights have helped to make us one of the fastest growing grass root community based organization in Uganda.

This has been made possible by our locally and nationally, who have touched the lives of many underprivileged children and communities' members.

We value:

a) Dignity to all human beings.

b) Partnership with transperance,accontability and trustworthness

c) Innovation and Creativity.

d) We aim at promotion of human integrity.

e) Equal Treatment to all people.

f) Cross-Cultural understanding.

g) Community Involvement in the development process.

Organization Structure

TRICH organization structure is composed of and an Advisory Committee whose work is to provide broad guidelines and recommendations to project direction. This committee convenes quaterly a year and comprises 4 elders, 2 of which are women.

The Board of Directors is composed of 3 members including the Executive Director who serves as the Board Secretary. two women and one honorable member make up this board. The Board of Directors convenes quarterly and is charged with the responsibility of reviewing, making and designing policies for the organization.

The organization's Project Management/Implementation Unit comprises TRICH staff, local leaders and youth OVC leaders and representatives of caregivers. This is the planning, implementing and monitoring unit of the organization. This unit is headed by the Executive Director.

Who we are

Trinity children's hope ministries (TRICH MINISTRIES) is a pivot of community development and was founded in 2011 by Ray Solomon on the principle of achieving transformation through self help initiatives, relief, giving all…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Health & Medicine


  • Bugembe, Jinja, Jinja, E 256, Uganda

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