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About Us

WHO WE ARE This is non government organization, not profit oriented, it was formed in 2006 and become registered on 1st /July/2008 as community based organization at community level to offers services to the communities of Kamuli district which as expanded its service allover the country. According to the activities laid down in the constitution of the association/organization and regulation of Kamuli District Local Government. Provided support needy lovely centre a registration number NB.CD/2341 under directorate of gender and community services. Support needy lovely centre action group is a group of volunteers (men, women and youth) involved in HIV and AIDS support action activities such as sensitization, counseling, home based care widows, disability support and orphan support etc. The Action group is based in Busota trading centre in Kamuli District-Busoga Region. The group has been trained in basic facts about HIV and AIDS counseling home basic care. Others in the group have received additional training in child counseling, family life education, youth life skills with out discrimination, organization development and group dynamics, basic leadership management skills, improving substance farming and training of trainers. Currently the Action group has an immediate catchment area of 10 villages in Kitayunjwa Sub- County, Butansi Sub-County and Nabwigulu Sub-County in Kamuli District.

MISSION: To contribute to reducing spread of HIV and AIDS in the community and improve the lives of people affected with special emphasis on disabled, children, youth, elderly and widows. VISION: To promote empowerment of disabled, orphans, youth, elderly and widows living with HIV and AIDS. GOALS: To increase the number of community members who are committed to being involved in the fight against discriminations of disabled, HIV and AIDS and its effects. To increase our capacity as a community group to provide integrated and sustainable WHO WE TARGET SNLC has a stratagem plan 2011 2015 we use integrated community based approach to ensure that our cor program areas are delivered systematically to complement each other in mitigating the plight of disabilities as well aa building capacity of households to ensure sustainability. SNLC has four key program and this are SNLC target the most vulnerable communities specifically people with disability in all age bracket and there caregivers. These include orphans, child-headed households, chronically ill and the elderly household with young children security, nutrition and child protection among others. Improved livelihood is ensured through income generation and production and storage