Betterworld Fundraising Club

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About Us

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi

The need to reduce poverty makes it vital for us all to reach-out to all who are excluded from society. Let come together and fight against poverty and hopelessness in our communities.

The time now is been used to see to it that our Fundraising Action Plan is executed to it letter. The strategy is to realise the required resources for the sustainance of the ICT-Skills Training, Capacity Building and Employment Placement.

Since the pipeline into the STCEP programmes focused on the ICT-STCEP programme and has started as a pilot in LEKMA after 3 years of rigorous research; we are working hard and putting all the necessary structures in place: a Documentation Plan has been developed to ensure an orderly gathering of information. Our Strategic Plan is to measure the outputs; and impact of the LEKMA programme for further research as well as to identify potential stakeholders/prospects for expansion to all the MMDAs in the Greater-Accra Region by February 2014 and further to all the MMDAs in Ghana by 2015.