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About Us

  Kechie’s Project is a unique 501c3 nonprofit organization specifically focused on empowering underprivileged girls and providing them with educational resources. This takes place in both Nigeria and in the United States as well. Donations to Kechie’s Project provide direct financial support and resources to 3 schools in Nigeria. The organization also provides monthly cultural awareness luncheon/mentorship programs at the Bread and Roses high school, Harlem. Kechie’s Project is dedicated to direct involvement with minimal administrative costs. This focused approach benefits selected children, enabling their growth and providing them with future opportunity. The result is a positive effect on their community and our world.

 Kechie’s Project believes that educating more Girls in Nigeria is the answer to Boko Haram…..In recent months; KP has been at the forefront in the United States by addressing the issues of education and security of girls in Nigeria. KP  has organized rallies, forums and events that were attended by a broad spectrum of government officials, national leaders community organizations, Christians, Muslims, Jews, students, professionals, etc. who support our efforts to improve the conditions of the Nigerian girl child. Kechie’s Project is not an activist organization. However, we do believe in speaking up when such unprecedented aggression targets girls. KP has become more active in utilizing our voice, location and resources, hoping to add and educate more girls in Nigeria. Visit us at