Rebuild Sakubva

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About Us

This is a fairly new organisation.It was initiated out of the passion and need to rebuild an 86 year old township.This township Sakubva was built during the colonial era.It was meant to serve 5000 people but now it has over 25000.The township is now a hub of crime,high rates of teenage pregnancy,schooldropouts,drug use,sexual abuse and exploitation and high rates of unemployment.The city council has failed to maintain or service the town.Gabbage is no longer being collected,the public toilets have open sewers runnig through the township.There is only one referal hospital and few other council clinics which are understaffed and with no proper medication and supplies.There is not even a single tarred road or any road that is worth driving on.They all have huge potholes.All the road signs have been vandalised.The children and people in the township's health is very much compromised as they have public bathrooms and toilets which they have to clean themselves.

Even though this township is now unconducive for public health it has produced doctors,lawyers,engineers and a whole lot of other professions.We are calling each and everyone of them to help in rebuilding this town.The city council is willing to support by providing more land and some labour.Currently they have been very forth coming with data and information.We have submitted out registration papers but this will take a while.Meanwhile we are depending on volunteers to come up with relevant documents for fundraising and strategic planning.Most of our devoted volunteers have very basic education and only a few have experience in NGO work.Some are still speculating the feasibility of this project and have not openly pledged their assistance.We are therefore looking for volunteers to help with ideas on how to initiate and sustain social capital and trust,fundraising and engineering ideas of a new surburb that will restore dignity to its citizens.We also want students who are ready to study this project as dissertation or thesis on how social capital and trust can be used to enhance community development.Vist us at for more information.