St. Mark's Institute for Mental Health

  • NY


57 St. Mark's Place
New York
United States

About Us

St. Mark’s Place Institute for Mental Health Inc., also known as UNITAS is a voluntary not-for-profit agency which provides outpatient treatment to persons suffering from mental health illnesses and chemical dependence disease through its outpatient programs, with the unique sensitivity to cultural and linguistic needs of its recipients.The St. Mark’s Place Institute Mental Health Program provides specialized services in English, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, French and Romanian.

Mission is to assist individuals in the community of New York who is affected by Mental Illness, chemical dependence, or who bear both diagnoses simultaneously. Provided with a wide range of treatment and firm dedication to attending persons of varied cultures, languages and nationalities. St. Mark’s addresses the serious emotional and addiction problems of our recipients. We assist the population to achieve their hopes, dreams and quality of life goals. We believe that services must be delivered in the least restrictive, non-stigmatizing, most accessible environment within a coordinated system of community and self-care. St Mark’s respects a person's family and loved ones, language, culture, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity.