Association of Baptist Christians For Development (ABCD)

About Us

ASSOCIATION OF BAPTIST CHURCHES FOR DEVELOPMENT (ABCD)was founded in 1998 as a Non-governmental Organistion (NGO) by Baptist christians of local churches in Boyo Division. It is duly registered under Cameroon law No.90/053 of December 19th 1990. It is non profit making.

What motivated the formation of ABCD?

A felt need had been established by a group of concerned christians who had disciplined themselves to a ten year-study of remote and enclaved areasheavily populated by Baptist christians under the umbrella of Belo Field Council Of Baptist Churches (BFCC). Their findings revealed that these rural areas were unattended by Government and Denominational church groups. As a result, thes rural areas and their poor inhabitants remained undirected and unassisted in the area of Education and Health.

Obviously , the socio-economic and cultural development are best enhanced in educated and healthy communities.

The scope of ABCD.

ABCD is not a christian denomination. It cannot, therefore , plant or organise churches.

Area of operation.

The activities of ABCD cover the entire Cameroon territory.

The Head Office.

The head office of ABCD is located at Belo-kom Boyo Division. It is headed by a general administrator who is answerable to the management committee of the association.

Our Objectives:

  • To improve the quality of life for the Baptist christians marooned in poor areas by giving them access to educational facilities.
  • Good health enhances socio-economic development and productivity, hence the objective of bringing health services to the people where they live.
  • With time the introduction of sustainable projects will bring about the comfort of self-reliance.