Youth Speak Edmonton

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About Us

<code>The goal of Youth Speak is to give youth a positive, non judgemental and confidential space to discuss mental health and emotional issues. Inspired by To Write Love on Her Arms, we believe that the first step to healing is a conversation, and we're giving youth in Edmonton a place to do that. We do not give advice, but rather, listen to what people have to say. <br /><br />There are many dimensions to life - many of which are difficult to deal with. We have been in those difficult places and believe that people deserve to be heard and are not alone in their stresses. We as youth, hope to empower other youth by asking questions and showing that we truly care about their story.<br /><br />We live together in this community, and while Youth Speak is cofounded by Matthew and Meera, all youth in this city make Youth Speak. We all have a voice. <br /><br />While school counsellors and help lines are wonderful resources, speaking to other unbiased youth adds a new dimension to the healing process. That is what we hope to address at Youth Speak.<br /><br />As well we will hold "in person" meetings every three weeks, which is another medium in which youth can share their stories and be accepted while doing so. We hope to raise money to advertise our group, and so the starting date will depend on when we have the funds to advertise.<br /><br />Youth are involved in Youth Speak by founding, organizing and participating in Youth Speak discussions. We are founded by youth, for youth and believe this will allow youth to feel accepted for who they are. There are no pre requisites for Youth Speak, other than being a youth.<br /><br />The benefit to the Edmonton area in sum is to make a positive change for youth in the Edmonton area. We believe that by giving just a few youth this chance to share their stories, they will then do the same for others, and the chain continues. We are the future of this city, and we are here to help and improve lives of youth.</code>