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About Us

Mission: To support communities in their efforts to implement locally-driven, sustainable solutions to their development challenges.

The Rustic Pathways Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to harness the passion, energy, and generosity of the Rustic Pathways community to drive forward meaningful community-prioritized development initiatives in the areas of education, infrastructure, community health, social services, and economic development in the United States and abroad.

With thousands of students traveling to over 18 countries and participating in over 200 community projects annually, Rustic Pathways has grown into a powerful force for creating positive change in the world. The Foundation emerged in 2006 as an effort to enhance and sustain the positive impact of Rustic Pathways. From remote villages in Ghana to the backwaters of the Mekong River, we often find ourselves operating in areas where few or no other nonprofits operate. We develop long-term relationships with willing and enthusiastic community partners to implement a range of development initiatives. The Rustic Pathways Foundation leverages the passion and generosity of the Rustic Pathways community to implement the most necessary and impactful community-prioritized initiatives that have been selected only after the most careful consideration and comprehensive stakeholder engagement.