Professionals for Active Learning

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About Us

Professionals for Active Learning (PAL) strives to create opportunities for active learning in the classroom for both students and working adults. We create a network of professionals, educators and students to facilitate the students' eagerness to learn by exposing them to the virtues of attaining college-level education and exploring career paths.

-Professionals promote the virtues of their work and invest in their communities -Educators participate in the growing connections between the academic and professional worlds -Students learn and reflect on their experiences with professionals to motivate their studies

PAL serves as a pathway for working professionals to donate a small portion of their time toward contributing to the enrichment of their communities. We connect professionals to students by introducing them as role models in an academic environment. Students have the opportunity to learn from professionals of various careers, exposing these students to a variety of industries and promoting awareness of their own possible career paths in the future. We supplement the educators' curriculums with dynamic workshops, while establishing relationships between them and community organizations.

PAL was founded in 2004 by a team of working professionals determined to use their skills and connections to help the youth in their community create opportunities to succeed. PAL is not incorporated and depends on the generous support of others for continued improvement and sustainability.