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About Us

Duwell Medical is a health care network that believes in the motto "Saving Lives Worldwide."

We view basic medical care as an inherent right, something that should be available to every human being. We are currently focusing our efforts in third world countries where health care is, at best—unaffordable or, at worst—nonexistent. We have begun building a hospital in Bangladesh, where The World Bank says more than 60% of Bangladeshis, about 80m people, have no access to modern health services other than immunisation and family planning.

Our team is currently constructing this hospital in Naria, an area with a population of more than 400,000 people who currently receive inadequate medical treatment. While construction is underway, our health care specialists are providing polio vaccinations to newborn babies, as well as distributing malaria fighting mosquito nets to locals. Future plans include education programs on preventative health procedures, with such basic procedures as washing hands and brushing teeth. We will also be distributing sanitizers and toothbrushes to those who otherwise would not be able to afford such "luxuries."