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About Us

GEO's mission is to create a pervasive 3D online world that children, K-12, can explore and interactively engage with, for free, in order to increase their knowledge and comprehension of math, and science while also showing that they can be an integral part of restoring harmony to Earth’s ecosystem through lessons in green/conservation awareness. This online experience seeks to inspire children to challenge themselves to learn more about the world around them by allowing them to explore planet Earth and it’s cosmic neighbors. Children will be able to investigate the surface of the Moon, the planet Mars, Earth’s deepest oceans, our lush rain forests, arid deserts, exotic jungles, and the frigid arctic. Imagine the excitement, as a child is able to virtually walk in these locales to discover the wonder of all its treasures that it contains. GEO will attempt to enhance a child's educational experience and give future generations the foundation, tools, and desire to better understand their world and how they might learn to better coexist with their fellow creatures and perhaps heal their planet. Our hope is that GEO will help our children to no longer simply be consumers of Earth’s resources, but rather to become the true caretakers of this world

Because this is a free service dedicated to helping children to become an instrumental part of healing our world we cannot possibly create this without you. We need your help and financial support to make a this dream for a better tomorrow for all Earth's children a reality.