Coco Kimchi Farm in Africa

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About Us

Our Vision

Africa with sufficient food for all its people, Africa with a well developed economy.

Our Mission

To end extreme poverty and hunger through encouaraging Africa`s rural communities to participate in both Agriculture and Economic Development.


CKFarm - Africa was founded in 2011, with a desire and aim of working with and helping the many rural poverty suffering communities in Africa through Agricultural and Economic support and Development. And by implementing this, CKF Africa would be adding value to some of the UNDP`s 8- Millenium Development Goals and in particular Goal 1 and Goal 8 respectively

That is to say,

MDG1: Eradicate extreme Poverty and Hunger MDG8: Develope a Global Partnership for Development

General Information

Who We are

CKF-Africa is a non-profit organization committed to ending of extreme poverty and economic development in Uganda, Africa. In Africa, CKF seeks to end extreme poverty by empowering people in rural communities to engage in commericial farming and agriculture as a means for poverty reduction and ecomic development.

How we operate

  • We identify issues and opportunities that will serve as a basis for the content and emphasis of the Coco Kimchi Farm in Programs.
  • We explain, promote, and help implement Coffee farming, community and Development programs, procedures, and opportunities to the local people, organisations and the governing bodies in Uganda.
  • We insure a broad-based Coffee farming Extension program that will be available to all coffee farmers in Uganda, Africa.

Objectives We fulfill our objectives by:

  • Forming up local community farmer groups
  • Meeting with and reacting the local farmers needs and concerns
  • Aiding and supporting these local famers groups through sensitizing them on the need to transform from substance to commercial farming and development implementations

Our staff reach out to the local needy rural communities, train local facilitators and engage them to become menotors and ambassadors of economic change in their own communities. Facilitators then mobilize and engage communities through monthly village meetings and conferences where they discuss more about the rural communities needs, which are then forwarded to CKF for analysis, approval and follow up with a solution of support. "Our desire is that in all this is to work with and help the local rural communities embrace commercial farming as a way of development, poverty reduction and food security." CKF - Team