Rescue center of wildlife Paseo de los Monos

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Av. 10 de Agosto, Km 2

About Us

Paseo de los Monos is a swiss-ecuadorian non profit organization opened in 2005. We formed a working group and created the first refuge for wildlife in the province of Pastaza: "El Paseo de los Monos". Located near the town of Puyo, we aim to offer a new family to orphans animals rescued from the illegal traffic and work in environmental education. We shelter around 200 animals, like seven species of monkeys, procionids (coatimundi), birds, turtles, snakes, wild pigs and amazonic rodents. We have also built the first serpentarium of the province of Pastaza for the rescue of reptiles and for education to the comunity and visitors about their importance to humans and environment.

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We offer volunteering opportunities to people around the world who love animals and want to help them. For more info about the program, please get in contact with us through our website or our e-mail: and we will respond immediately to your inquieries.

"Visit us, the monkeys await your help"