Black Card Circle Foundation

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About Us

The primary objectives and purposes of Black Card Circle Foundation is to bring together a community of influential individuals for common cause: (a) To distribute funds to qualified exempt organizations through an application and grant process for the purpose of benefiting the public interest; (b) To provide services including, but not limited to, assisting low-income families; (c) To sponsor special events involving public and/or private groups that would contribute to the objectives and purposes of the foundation (d) To create public awareness of various public interests needs.

Mission: Black Card Circle Foundation, Inc. (BCCF) is dedicated to the betterment of humanity worldwide by providing grants to non-profit organizations that serve one of the following five core areas:

1. Education 2. Environment 3. Healthcare 4. Global Development 5. Poverty Relief

BCCF seeks to empower the poor and disenfranchised by promoting the concept of self-reliance and sustainability throughout these five core areas.

BCCF believes that society, as a whole, rises when those who have been marginalized rise alongside.

Society benefits when all its members fulfill their potential and contribute to their fullest capabilities.