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About Us

Before the age of internet, we were lacking such a powerful global networking facility as well as our individual knowledge, experiences, opinions and suggestions never ever have been counted on general development issues of our native places. So, A Global Network of Jharkhand came in existence to fill the above gap and bring you listen by your own community and get informed all by your view, idea & knowledge.

A Global Network of Jharkhand is the first not for profit virtual interactive network of Jharkhand Region, which registered it's official Internet domain name 'JHARKHAND' as an organization in India and United Kingdom.

It's managed by a very small team of committed professionals, who voluntarily contribute their time in research, co-ordination and web based work. Most of the management team members are based in India, EU and USA.

As per web hits, world wide membership and by all search engines rankings A Global Network of Jharkhand has been the biggest network of Jharkhand Region since it's inception. It's target groups are mostly International Development Professionals, Electronic Media & IT experts, Researchers & University Students, Policy makers, NGOs manager and NRIs community those could really hold the power to affect professionally for bring change at land of Jharkhand Region.