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About Us


We at GLOBAL NEEDS believe that it is people who make things happen;therefore national development and progress depends primarily upon the physical and mental health of people, working towards achieving specific goals and objectives which guarantees total development of people and nations.

It is healthy people who undertake development in nations.


GLOBAL NEEDS was formed as NGO (Non-Govermental Organizations) aimed at educating and to creating the awarness for people about Envoronmental and Health issuies


GLOBAL NEEDS is commited to provoiding up to date information on issues relating to Enviromental and health related issues and to create awaress,proteceion and reduction relevant to people and the nations.

we believe that our first responsibility is to the general public.Our strong dedication is to this cause will enable us to reach our target groups organizations. In carrying out our day-to-day programmes,we strive to provide excellent services in:

a. Development programmes to create the awarness on environmental, Natural Resourse and healthy issues; b. Designing and facilitating educative programs;and c. Forming strategies for teamwork and personal interaction with affected and deprived individuals and communities.

Through our long-term commitment to this mission,we will establish ourselves as an organization that shares her concerns with affected deprived people and nations. Our fulfilment will be drived from the satisfaction the public drive from our services.



Activity: Resaerch,Education,Environmental,Networking on Health Issues.

Year of Establishment: May 2002

Location:SANFERG HOUSE House no.E554/15 kanda Highway,Accra,Ghana

Tel:233-020 813 9638/233-0936-507453

Fax:0233-0936-50286 Contact Person: Sena Ferguson Kuapah


Responsibilities:oversees programme development and implementation

Executive Committe Ferguson Kuapah Business Executive James Quaye Media Consultantat Ricard Katapu Health worker Enerst Cujoe M edical Doctor based in the United States Margaret Nkansa Business woman based in France.

Staffing: our proficient team of 6 administrative and technical staff by a pool of experienced proffesionals and practitioners with varying backgrounds in management,medicine psychology,sociology and adult education additionally, our consultant provide a tremendous support for management decision and cretivity.

our services global needs currently undertakes programmes in HIV/AIDS and other health related issues indicated as follows : 1. Research: .monitoring of HIV/AIDS affected health deprived communities.Attitude of people towards the HIV/AIDS pendemonium Health protection issues. 2. Education.Conferences and serminers .Health clubs in schools and communities.Talks and Film shows.

3. Networking .Linking up with other NGOs,government,local international agencies and health institution for information gathering,sharing and dissemination.form coalitions for the implementation of health awarness and protection programmes.Build networks and linkages between GLOBAL NEEDS health clubs in schools and communities at the local,districts,regional and national levels OUR RESOURSE PERSONS our resource persons are drawn from a consortion of experienced professional and practitioners with varying backgrounds in management medicine,psychology sociology and adult education.


our planned activities for the future include the following key assignments: .Research programmes in to the attitudes of the youth and women in the rural communities on Environmental,Natural Resource .Formation of health clubs in schools in the Eastern and Volta Regions.