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About Us

A US based, 501(c)3 charity with expansive purpose, LoCo Arts recognizes creativity as an essential catalyst for change and envisions the redefinition of art and culture through socially responsible action. To achieve this vision, the mission of LoCo Arts is to offer communities integrated cultural experience through unique and inventive programming while focusing on underserved populations. The organization adheres to the values of creativity, understanding, and community, combining these three principles with its solid operational structure to build stronger individuals, relationships, and communities. In essence, LoCo Arts fosters the understanding of community through creativity. The Directors of LoCo Arts aspire to spread these ideas across the globe.

LoCo Arts was established in late 2009 by art educator and researcher, Tacie N. Jones, and art therapist, Biansa Cox. The founders’ creative backgrounds, professional savvy, and dedicated work with underserved children combine to empower LoCo Artsprogramming. They have spent the past several years developing services to ensure seamlessly integrated cultural experience for multi-faceted communities. LoCo Arts centers around the individuals and communities it serves and appeals to a wide range of markets and customers. Services range from community events and workshops to comprehensive, extracurricular creative education programs such as Art After School and Young Gifted Artist Program, both designed to unite parallel cultures of children and young adults.

LoCo-Arts has now officially branched out to southern Virginia under the supervision of Tacie, who is now offering regular services in the New River Valley area. Check out our 'Current Workshops' for children and young adults at the historic Newport Community Center.