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About Us

About Be'er-Sova Be'er-Sova was established in 1999 by volunteers from Beer Sheva and the area. With extremely high rates of unemployment and nearly a quarter of the local population on welfare, the severe cuts in government assistance have driven many to desperation. Be'er-Sova made a commitment to act for alleviation of poverty and hunger. Recognizing that food related programs alone are not an adequate solution, Be'er-Sova has expanded its operations to providing educational and empowerment tools. Today Be'er-Sova runs varied programs for food security, education and empowerment, for creating a social change in Beer Sheva: Restaurant for the Needy, Meals-on-Wheels for disabled elderly, Food Packages for needy families, Gamal After-School Program for youth at risk and Family Evening Program for needy families.

We operate our varied programs thanks to the help of many devoted volunteers from our local community. Every week, more then 70 volunteers help us to carry out Be'er-Sova's mission. 16-84 years old, they come from all ranges of the community: high-school and university students, pensioners and working men, mentally challenged, new immigrants and more. We welcome them all and appreciate their important work.